Hauzer coating equipment

All Hauzer systems are designed with partnership in mind. They offer the highest degree of flexibility on the market, allowing us to configure your system with technologies and coating solutions that fit your market requirements. And with upgrades to meet changing market needs, your investment will continue to pay off for decades. Hauzer machines and technologies are built for robustness, quick and easy maintenance and high productivity, uptime and yield – so you can profit from the best cost of ownership.

Hauzer batch coating systems

Batch coating systems can provide the widest range of coating solutions, including multi-layered, nano-composite and gradient coatings. Because we can configure the right size of system with the technologies you need, we can provide you with dedicated equipment for your business, whether you need a specific solution or the chance to serve different markets and applications.

The Hauzer Flexicoat® batch coating platform:

Flexicoat 850
Flexicoat 850
Flexicoat 850
Flexicoat 850

Hauzer inline coating systems

Do you need maximum productivity and the best cost of ownership? If your business is mass production of specific solutions, such as coatings for bipolar plates in hydrogen fuel cells, a Hauzer inline coating system might be right for you. Hauzer offers two inline platforms: Metalliner (with a vertical orientation) and Triboliner (horizontal). Both systems can be configured with a wide range of technologies to provide the coating solutions you need.


The Hauzer Cromatipic factory

The Cromatipic® factory is an inline coating system set up for a single coating: Hauzer’s nontoxic alternative to chrome electroplating. That is why we consider it a separate product. The Cromatipic factory is perfectly configured for the best productivity, stability and Cromatipic quality, and can be set up for a range of high-volume production.


CVD, CVA and CVI coating systems

Besides our portfolio for batch and inline PVD equipment and Cromatipic® factories, Hauzer can also support you with your requirements concerning CVD, CVA and CVI equipment. Our subsidiary IHI Bernex AG, based in Switzerland, offers a wide range of technologies and systems, configured to customer needs.