Trends in the decorative coating market

In Spring 2020, Hauzer is launching our latest batch-coating machine, the Hauzer Flexicoat© 1250. This newest machine in the Flexicoat platform was designed to meet some long-term market trends we see in the main Hauzer sectors of decorative, tribological and tool coatings. In this series of market reports, Hauzer is pleased to share our observations on the market trends for decorative coatings.

Trend 1: Increasing size of items

Over the past decade, bathroom and kitchen design has increasingly shifted from functionality to aesthetics and luxury for a larger segment of customers. One of the trends that comes with this is the increasing size of bathroom fixtures, from huge rain showers to long, curved taps.

For coating providers, this size is a challenge – larger items cause the coating machine to fill up more quickly, leading to an increased coating cost per item. At the same time, items such as jewellery and spectacle frames stay the same size. This causes a tension in the optimum capacity of coating machines: large enough to accommodate a good cost per coating for large design elements, but not so large that it cannot be used at capacity for smaller items. With a 33% loading increase compared to the popular Hauzer Flexicoat© 1200, the Flexicoat© 1250 sits in that sweet spot of optimum utilisation and capacity.


Trend 2: Wider range of coating colours

In the decorative sector, successful coating providers are those who provide as many of the fashionable coating colours as possible, such as rose gold and black. That is why Hauzer Flexicoat© owners in the decorative sector usually have all their cathode positions filled, for instance with 2 sputter cathodes and 4 arc, usually with zirconium and titanium targets on the arc cathodes. The Hauzer Flexicoat© 1250 has the unique feature of a 7th cathode position, which can be used to add valuable coatings to your standard configuration, reducing time spent on switching out targets.

Common configuration: 2 sputter cathodes, 4 arc cathodes (zirconium and titanium targets)

Options for the additional cathode position:

- Arc cathode with chrome target to influence the L value of coatings – used for stainless steel colours and deep black

- Balanced magnetron sputtering cathode to give coatings a flash of precious metals such as gold, silver and palladium – a common way to raise the perceived value of eyewear, jewellery and other furnishings


Trend 3: Substrate flexibility

Many complex products combine metal and plastic pieces that are made to look identical with a coating. Coating plastics typically requires a longer cycle, with plenty of cooling pauses time to keep the temperature down, or a bigger cooling capacity. The Hauzer Flexicoat© 1250 can be equipped with a record 8 cooling plates and an optional central heating and cooling feature.


Trend 4: Antibacterial coatings

To help relieve the risk of infectious disease spreading in high-traffic areas such as airports and hospitals, items such door handles, bathroom fixtures and light switches can be given antibacterial properties by sputtering silver ions. This is known to kill 2 common bacteria, E. coli and S. aureus within hours.

On the Hauzer Flexicoat© 1250, it is possible to add a balanced magnetron sputtering cathode, to sputter ionic silver, on the 7th cathode position without needing to switch out any of the other cathodes required for your most frequently used coatings. A valuable addition to your coating portfolio.


Trend 5: High-productivity or multipurpose machines

In the search for business profits, coating providers are focused on getting the highest utilisation out of their coating machines. No matter what coatings you offer, reducing maintenance, shortening cycle times and using your machine to full capacity are always good business decisions.

The Hauzer Flexicoat© 1250 is designed to support coating providers in all these respects:

- More cathode positions means less time spent on switching out targets

- More power and cooling capacity reduces cycle time

- The additional cathode position allows for multipurpose configurations, such as

     - Adding a cathode to increase your in-house R&D capacity

     - Adding cathodes to include tribological coatings in your portfolio and increase the range of customers you serve


Conclusion: Wider coating range at great cost of ownership

In a market driven by trends, coating flexibility and range is what distinguishes the successful coating business. In thinking of investments, companies in the decorative coating sector need to combine the technology needs with the optimum cost of ownership. The Hauzer Flexicoat© 1250 was designed to meet that need, now and in the future.


Are you interested in adding a Hauzer Flexicoat© 1250 system to your coating equipment? Please contact Huub Vercoulen.

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