"Hybrid Coatings Strengthens Market Position" article published in Werkzeug Technik

A broad portfolio of plasma technologies combined with building inline platforms inspired IHI Hauzer Techno Coating to adopt a new company style. What does this broad range of technologies actually mean for tool makers and job coaters?

Hybrid Technologies

“Flexibility has always been a distinguishing factor of Hauzer machines,” Michiel adds, “as well as the way we build modular plasma coating machines. Modularity means that we can manufacture in an efficient way while we still offer lots of different options and combinations to our customers. With regard to technology we supply a strong range of general machining coatings produced with CARC+ technology, such as TiAlN and AlCrN. Additionally there are hybrid technologies on offer that create extra options for niche markets such as machining non-ferrous metals, Ti- and Ni-alloys and creating multi-layers for various applications

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