Hauzer present at Plasma Surface Engineering conference (PSE2020)

On Wednesday 9th of September, Hauzer will be present at the 17th edition of the international conference on Plasma Surface Engineering in Erfurt (Thüringen), Germany.

Roel Bosch, New Business Developer and Philipp Immich, Director of Process Engineering are both present and both will give a presentation during the Industrial Program.
Bosch will give an overview of the developments of hydrogen technology. And Immich will talk about how we can make the HiPIMS technology available for the industry on a competitive way during a postersession.

About postersession HiPIMS | Ready for the next step in tool performance!
Speaker: Dr. Philipp Immich

In our continuous search for improvement we have taken the step for industrial units with HiPIMS capability, discovering new properties, different material behaviour compared to conventional ARC coatings and better performance in cutting and forming applications.
As many investigations were done on small-scale units, bringing this technology to industrial scale, larger units and also process upscaling was needed.
Today real production of coated parts require not only good coating properties also production related topics like reliability, easy maintenance, cost per part and flexibility of the coating unit itself plays an important role.

In this regard different HiPIMS coatings from AlCrN-based and AlTiN-based systems were deposited on industrial scale units for tool applications. The applied coatings were investigated concerning mechanical film properties like hardness, Young´s Modulus, chemical properties like composition and phase formation.

To verify the performance of the coating machine and the deposited coatings, industrial tests are carried out. The obtained results shown, that the HiPIMS technology is ready for serial production in a modern production environment.

Click here to learn more about the potential of HiPIMS technology.

About PSE2020
The Special PSE 2020 conference will be held from Monday, September 7 to Thursday, September 10, 2020. The program has been prepared by the International Program Committee of the Special PSE 2020.

The program schedule includes 16 thematic sessions and 4 poster sessions. There will be presented: 
3 Plenary Lectures (45 min),
13 Keynote Lectures (30 min),
68 Lectures (20 min).

The Industrial Workshop will be dedicated to the Conference Main Topic

"Plasma Technology for New Energy Concepts".

For more information visit the website.