Customer story | “A Huge Step Forward in Time and Quality”

Founded one hundred and fifty years ago and still at the forefront of steel business; Dörrenberg Edelstahl in Germany is a company to admire. “With a keen eye on technological development, we choose the ones that give our customers value for money,” Thomas Passberger, division manager Coating & Hardening at Dörrenberg, says.

Dörrenberg is located in the heart of the German steel region, Engelskirchen. “This was the cradle of German steel because of the availability of iron ore, coal and water,” Thomas explains. “Many steel factories are in a circle of twenty kilometres from us, although several large ones relocated to the Ruhr area, following the coal. Our specialty is the production of special steels, we develop them ourselves and afterwards we harden them. After tool production they come back to us for coating. Some automotive brands even define our special steel in their specifications. The automotive trend of weight reduction is actually in our favour, because these new materials are responsible for more wear on tools, which means they need to be coated. Our experience in this business gives us a broad know how of the connection between the steel and the coating layers.”

“Our reason to buy the Hauzer machine were threefold. We wanted more capacity, we wanted to coat larger tools and we saw the immense advantages of the new technology.”

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This article was part of the Hauzer for You, edition Spring 2016.