Automotive needs innovative alternative for electroplating

Cromatipic is the alternative production process for electroplating. Hauzer deposits chromium layers on plastics with Cromatipic technology. The factory in Barcelona is the answer to a real need in the automotive market, now that the ban on electroplating comes closer.

Ban on Electroplating
Electroplating has been the conventional way of making chrome colours on plastic parts for years. But it will not last forever. The world is changing. People want safe and environmentally friendly production processes on lightweight materials, combined with a continuous call for beautiful chrome colours.

What is Cromatipic®?
Cromatipic is a combination of lacquer with a thin layer of metal, that transforms all kinds of plastics into stylish chrome products. After the pre- treatment, an environmentally friendly spray UV base coat is applied, followed by a sputtered chrome physical vapour deposition (PVD) coating. No top coat is needed. There is no corrosion risk because of the absence of Ni and Cu, excellent adhesion is proven, the thermal stability and resistance to humidity are outstanding and the process complies with the European directives. Cromatipic is available in the colours bright chrome and matt/satin chrome. On request a hydrophobic silicon oxide (SiOx) layer for easy cleaning could be deposited on top.

Automated Production Plant
Hauzer has been supplying Cromatipic technology for years already, and the inline platform making the PVD layers was introduced in 2012. After having developed and acquired the full technology, Hauzer decided to build an automated production plant in Barcelona, Spain, as a demonstration site to show customers the advantages of the technology.