Sanitary hardware, household appliances and door handles

Building décor and household appliances have become focused on luxury for a larger section of the population in recent years. That means colour variety and trends have become as important as scratch resistance for these products. With the flexibility of Hauzer coating equipment, you are always ready to switch to the next trendy colour at an excellent cost of ownership. And with Hauzer as a technology partner, you can be sure you will always have the latest colour recipes in your portfolio.

Trends in sanitary and door hardware and household appliances

Changing colours

The market follows the fashion trends, so it is important to stay up to date with what the important designers are doing and to make sure your coating portfolio includes the right statement colours

More diversity in trends than ever

Consumers are demanding more colour in their daily lives than ever before, and PVD is growing as a technology to keep up with this demand for colour on a wide range of products

Increasing item size

Bathroom and kitchen design has shifted to aesthetics and luxury, which leads to bigger showers and taps

Wider range of coloured coating

Successful coating providers are those who provide as many fashionable coating colours as possible, such as rose gold and black

Substrate flexibility

Many complex products combine metal and plastic pieces that need to look identical with a coating

Antibacterial coatings

Items such as door handles, bathroom fixtures and light switches can be given antibacterial properties to reduce the risk of infectious diseases

Chrome is king

Chrome colour remains the most popular finish on sanitary hardware, and is used as design element on kitchen appliances as well

High-productivity or multipurpose machines

Coating providers want to get the highest utilisation out of their coating machines: reducing maintenance, shortening cycle times and using the machine to full capacity


With the flexibility of the equipment and technology and the ease of the operating system, all colours can be produced in the same Hauzer system simply by selecting the desired process. This results in optimized cost of ownership and the possibility to react to the fast-changing market requirements of fashion.

Sanitary and door hardware
As the market for building décor is increasingly driven by design and fashion, manufacturers and coating service providers need to be able to provide a wide range of colours to meet the expectations of their customers. Hauzer equipment and processes are designed to apply high-quality finishes on a wide range of substrate materials, such as stainless steel, titanium and electroplated brass, die cast zinc and plastic. The reproducibility of the coating quality is excellent. Decorative PVD coatings also add value with their increased hardness, scratch and wear resistance, and a finish that does not change over time.

Household appliances
The market for household appliances is growing, due to the expanding middle class in emerging economies. In countries with mature markets, suppliers need to distinguish themselves from their competitors by offering new designs and finishes as well as smart features.

The trends in sanitary and door hardware call for a range of attractive PVD coating colours. The same finishes, such as matte black, are also popular on kitchen appliances. Chrome is also a finish that has held its importance in the market for decades. Cromatipic, Hauzer’s environmentally friendly alternative to chrome plating on plastic, is the perfect solution when matte or polished chrome finishes are needed.

Chrome electroplating is under pressure due to health and safety issues. Cromatipic is a REACH-compliant solution that is free of hexavalent chrome. It offers designers more opportunities than classical plating finishes, because it can be applied to incorporate design features such as translucency into the smart features of the devices.


Why Hauzer coating equipment

Hauzer has been a pioneer in decorative PVD coatings for the last 25 years.

  • Hauzer coating equipment provides the most consistent colours per batch, even over complex 3D shapes, which saves time in finding the components that match and results in less scrap during manufacturing
  • We have a strong client base. Customers in North and South America, Europe and Asia have been using our equipment and turn-key solutions to apply decorative coatings on sanitary and door hardware
  • We work with our customers to meet their business needs, for instance by sharing free coating recipes and offering sampling services free of charge
  • Although we are machine builders, we are continuously investing in new recipes for new, trend-building colours
  • Cromatipic coating solutions are a proven, sustainable alternative to chrome plating, compliant with all regulations including the EU regulations for 2024
  • Cromatipic coatings are offered both through our Cromatipic systems and as a coating service at our facility in Spain

Coating solutions

We deliver solutions that match with your goals, now and in the future.

Wear resistance coatings
Decorative coating
Wear resistance coatings

The right equipment for your business

These Hauzer machines are interesting for businesses in the decorative market.

Flexicoat 850

Flexicoat 1250

The latest addition to the Hauzer Flexicoat family
Flexicoat 850

Flexicoat 1500

Hauzer’s largest batch coating system


Vertical inline coating system


Horizontal inline coating system
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