The automotive sector is traditionally a strong market for tribological and decorative coatings. Tribological coatings protect components subjected to high contact pressures and loads inside combustion engines and help car manufacturers comply with emission regulations. Decorative coatings give cars and their interiors a luxurious and trendy appearance. With a strong reputation in automotive coating and our REACH-compliant decorative Cromatipic technology, Hauzer is an excellent partner for this market.

Trends in automotive

Diesel engines are losing ground

Injection pressures and temperatures in petrol cars are increasing, but petrol lacks the self-lubricating characteristics of diesel. That causes a shift towards smooth, hard ta-C coatings, which can cope with these conditions.

Smaller engines with the same power output

This development is driven by the need to increase fuel efficiency and power density

Electric vehicles are on the rise

If a vehicle has no combustion engine, it has a lower need for tribological coatings. Fuel cell stacks, however, contain many square meters of bipolar plates that require corrosion protection and need to retain their electrical conductivity

Environmental regulations are becoming ever stricter

To achieve better fuel economy and wider ranges for electric cars, the use of low-weight metals is growing, as is the use of plastics for parts such as dashboard parts, air vents and trims.

Style is as important as ever

Smaller, more environmentally friendly should still have a luxurious and trendy appearance, often with a chrome look.


Tribological coatings
Examples of automotive engine components that are being coated are many:

  • fuel injection parts such as injection needles, high-pressure plungers and orifice valves
  • piston rings
  • valve train components such as rocker arms and tappets
  • piston pins
  • roller and sliding bearings
  • gears
  • and many others

Lately, to reduce emissions even further, the industry has been investigating the use of coatings on other engine parts as well, such as friction-reducing coatings on dynamic seals and corrosion-protective coatings on bi-polar plates in fuel cell stacks.

Each case is unique. Typically, automotive coatings provide a combination of wear resistance and friction reduction.

Decorative coatings
Examples of automotive decorative components are:

  • trims
  • bumper and grills
  • air vents
  • dashboard parts
  • door handles

With the Cromatipic technology, these components can be given a fashionable chrome finish in different gloss levels, and with design features such as partial transparency, back lighting, and a variety of colours.


Why Hauzer coating equipment

Hauzer is a well-known name in automotive coatings, with an excellent track record. Coating service providers using Hauzer equipment have been able to achieve the IATF 16949 certificate for automotive quality management.

  • Over the years, we have built an impressive customer base
  • We have a development partner attitude and work with our customers to develop specific solutions
  • Hauzer is known for our reliable and robust coating equipment and smooth coating operation
  • Through our drive for quality, we manage an impressively low cost of ownership

Flexicoat program

  • Hauzer equipment features a wide range of state-of-the-art tribological coatings
  • Our Flexicoat systems are available in several sizes and can be configured with exactly the right technologies for your business, such as cooling features to reduce cycle time and coating costs for low-temperature processes
  • We are leaders in tribological coating solutions for automotive applications, including the best diamond-like carbon (DLC) and nitride coatings to satisfy this critical market

Decorative coating of plastics: Cromatipic®

  • Cromatipic® is available both as an in-house production facility and a coating service in our Hauzer Iberica facility
  • Our Cromatipic® process offers a REACH compliant decorative chrome finish with many design possibilities

Automotive coating solutions

We deliver solutions that match your goals, now and in the future.

Low-friction coatings
Wear resistance coatings

The right equipment for your business

The following Hauzer machines are interesting for businesses in the automotive sector.

Flexicoat 850

Flexicoat 850

Compact and powerful
Flexicoat 850

Flexicoat 1250

The latest addition to the Hauzer Flexicoat family
Flexicoat 850

Flexicoat 1500

Hauzer’s largest batch coating system


Vertical inline coating system


Horizontal inline coating system
Delphi Technologies

Geraldine Villain

Coatings and materials process leader at Delphi
“There are many coating companies that deliver ready-made recipes in their machines. But when we really have a specific request and the solution doesn’t exist yet, Hauzer is our valued partner. We worked with them before, they are open in their cooperation and they have a broad technology portfolio to start with.”

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