The new Flexicoat 1250

The best cost of ownership for an incredible variety of coatings


Latest coating machine in the Hauzer Flexicoat® platform

Hauzer is proud to announce the launch of the latest batch coating machine in our well-known Hauzer Flexicoat platform. With 7 individually configurable positions for deposition sources, increased chamber size, increased power and optimum cooling performance, the Flexicoat 1250 delivers the most competitive cost per coating for your coating portfolio through shorter process times.

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The Flexicoat 1250 features a 33% loading increase compared to the Flexicoat 1200, while remaining fully compatible with existing Flexicoat 1200 fixturing. The reaction chamber size is tailored to be fully usable at capacity by most customers, while being spacious enough to accommodate bigger volumes and keep coating costs low.

With 8 positions for cooling plates plus an optional retractable central cooling and heating feature, the Flexicoat 1250 is excellently equipped for low-temperature hydrogen-free carbon coatings. Together with the 7 positions for deposition sources, this makes the Flexicoat 1250 ideal for any coating requirements, now or in the future.

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The best cost of ownership and great coating performance

A coating machine ready for a changing future

The Flexicoat 1250 aims to provide the best cost of ownership for the widest range of coatings. It has the optimum vacuum chamber size for most businesses: it fits larger products and bigger volumes and can still be fully utilised. More range, more capacity, or even preparing for future market changes by leaving room for upgrades – all good reasons to look into a Flexicoat 1250 for your next investment.

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