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The right coating can improve a product’s performance dramatically, with increased wear resistance, reduced friction or protection against the elements. Hauzer specialises in manufacturing top-of-the-line coating equipment with a flexible, modular design that can provide the optimal solution for your business. With our robust systems, wide range of technologies, continuous innovative spirit and focus on partnership and lifetime support, Hauzer can be sure to add value to your sustainable products and services.

IHI Hauzer Techno Coating

Are you looking for a dedicated, customised solution? Hauzer can provide one, with our range of batch and inline equipment, plasma coating technologies and a strong engineering team. With the right coating, you can achieve:

  • A long-lasting luxurious and fashionable look for your products
  • Reduced friction and energy loss for automotive and aerospace applications
  • Improved lifetime and reduced maintenance for your components
  • More productive cutting tools and longer-lasting forming tools
  • Improved performance and lifetime of your hydrogen fuel cells
  • An environmentally friendly alternative for electroplating with the same advantages
  • And so much more

Our engineers look forward to hearing about your business challenge.

Our products

Coating systems configured for your needs

Batch systems

The Hauzer Flexicoat® platform – our batch coating equipment line

Inline systems

Continuous productivity for the best cost of ownership

Cromatipic® factory

REACH-compatible chrome plating alternative in your own factory

Our solutions

Complete coating solution, from start to finish

Turnkey solutions

Fuel Cell Coatings

Other Coatings

Turnkey solutions

Fuel Cell Coatings

Other Coatings

Facts & Figures

Over 35 years of experience

Over 800 systems delivered

95% of all Hauzer systems still in daily production

Global support

Competence centres for continuous joint development and improvement

Most Hauzer systems have unique configurations


What our customers say

Dr. Ke Yashi

President at Suzhou Ahno Precision Cutting Tool Technology
“Our choice for Hauzer equipment has been made because the company has developed some high performance coatings in recent years. Those coatings fully meet our drill requirements. The other reason for buying Hauzer equipment is their very high reliability. We are very satisfied to have Hauzer as our partner to be successful in the mature Chinese tool coating market.”

Ronaldo Ruas

Factory Engineering Manager at Deca
“In our experience, Hauzer makes very user-friendly machines. It is easy to train our operators. With low daily maintenance needs and a reliable process, we can keep our Hauzer Flexicoat® 1500 running almost continuously. It is very easy to see what the machine is doing and what we need to pay attention to.”

Frederico Lanzoni

Technical and process engineering manager of CRT
“Flexibility is key for us and we can develop our own recipes in these machines with support from Hauzer. I like the fact that we can learn from each other, a two-way communication.”

Primo Civardi

Technology Manager and director production plant at Lafer
“At Lafer, we are kind of a collector of new things. That is why we value our long-time relationship with Hauzer so much. If you know each other in such detail, it is easier to ask for new features, modifications, coating properties – the elements that ignite new research.”

Geraldine Villain

Coatings and materials process leader at Delphi
“There are many coating companies that deliver ready-made recipes in their machines. But when we really have a specific request and the solution doesn’t exist yet, Hauzer is our valued partner. We worked with them before, they are open in their cooperation and they have a broad technology portfolio to start with.”

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