Hauzer Techno Coating


This two layer decorative coating can be an alternative for electroplating.

Today's industries face challenges on an extremely large scale. Globalization, speed of technological change and customer demand have revolutionized the way we do business today.

In decorative coatings for appliance, cosmetics and automotive industry, these changes drive the need to replace chrome plating on plastics. More and more countries restrict or ban the use of Cr6+ , but the demand for decorative or functional bright chrome plating continues to grow.

The alternative for chrome plating on plastics is called Cromatipic®. It is an environmentally friendly technology, consisting of a UV cured lacquer with PVD coating on top.

The advantages of  Cromatipic® are:

  • Eco-friendly technology that contains no chromium 6, no solvents and is  healthy for employees
  • Many plastics can be coated, which fits perfectly in a weight reduction program
  • Two layers, the technology does not need a lacquer top coat
  • The plastic parts remain flexible, which makes assembly much easier
  • Designers can go out of the box in their design, transparent motives are an option and sharp edges can be coated​

For more information about Cromatipic®, please visit the website www.cromatipic.nl 

Hauzer offers the Cromatipic® process in the Hauzer Flexicoat® (batch system) and in the Hauzer Metalliner® (flexible inline production platform)

More information can be found in the article about Cromatipic® in Hauzer for You magazine. Please download the article.

If you are interested in this process and equipment, please contact us.