Hauzer Techno Coating

IHI Group

Since 2008 Hauzer belongs to the IHI Group, a Japanese group of companies focused on technology and engineering.

IHI Corporation was founded in 1853. The IHI Group consists of 188 companies and has 26,000 employees worldwide. Hauzer has been the first European company fully owned by IHI with the purpose to grow outside Japan and strengthen its position in the thin film business.

In 2013 Ionbond, a Swiss-based company specialised in PVD and CVD job coating worldwide, has also become part of the IHI Group, which further proves IHI’s commitment to growth in the thin film business.

With IHI as a parent company, Hauzer is able to maintain its long term focus and commitment to customers. Innovation and joint development with customers and research institutes will remain the driver for Hauzer’s growth.