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Forced by economic factors and globalization, there is a need to increase the product life cycle of many products. Plasma coatings can add functionalities to the products, but these coatings need to be mass produced to remain economical. Hauzer’s answer to mass production is the Metalliner®, an inline production platform suitable for many products and types of coatings.

The Metalliner® is an inline solution which can be integrated in a fully automated production plant. The first machine has been built for a manufacturer of decorative products, who wants to replace the chrome plating process with environmentally friendly Cromatipic® in highly productive equipment.

The advantages of the machine are in line with the general advantages of the Hauzer batch machines with some more benefits added. Together they will guarantee a low cost of ownership and maximum flexibility.

  • Smart design
  • Fully integrated into your production
  • Short cycle time
  • Growing with your productivity
  • Multiple technologies
  • Traceability of products
  • High uptime


Rack Return System

The Metalliner® is equipped with a rack return system which enables automation of the process, including creation of a buffer zone. Load and unload positions on the rack return system will fully integrate the Metalliner® in an automated production line. The ferry system at both sides will transport the racks with products in an efficient manner to and from the machine.

Substrate Handling

The substrates (metal or plastics and all shapes possible) will be loaded onto a rack that carries the products through the machine. The rack has a size of 1.5 m. height, 1.2 m. width and 0.2 m. depth and will be equipped with the number of spindles necessary for optimum loading capacity. Rotation of spindles will be adapted to the relevant process steps. The shields that protect machine parts from being coated are attached to the rack, resulting in high uptime and a minimum of maintenance.

Short Takt Time

High productivity means a need for short takt times. In the Metalliner® the cycle time can be as short as one minute (depending on the process and the number of chambers available). The racks are able move forward and reverse, to visit a chamber twice. This will increase the takt time, but might be advantageous for initial investment. Due to the modularity, an owner can decide to shorten the takt time and increase the productivity at a later stage by adding new chambers to the existing machine.

Linear Motion System

Inside the machine, the features of the linear motion system result in high uptime and traceability of products. The linear motion system in the Metalliner® has no wear parts; coils, magnets and sensors will ensure that there will be no contact between the carrier and the inside of the machine, except for the rollers. The racks can move at different speeds and due to sensors the rack and products will remain traceable at all times.

Hauzer Flexibility

The Hauzer Flexicoat® batch machines are well-known for their ability to use more technologies in one machine and also upgrade machines with new technologies at a later stage. In the Metalliner® this feature has been preserved. It is possible to equip a chamber with Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) technologies, such as (dual) magnetron sputtering or arc evaporation using rectangular or circular cathodes, as well as Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition (PACVD) technology. Pre-treatment, such as etching or activation, are other valid options. The possibilities are endless, single layers, multi-layers; the Hauzer flexibility creates opportunities.


Modularity has been the basis of the Metalliner® design. Hauzer saw the enormous advantages of a modular machine that can grow with the customers’ productivity and has an optimum flexibility. So all design is modular, from the chambers as a whole, to the components and all hardware. Every chamber might function as an independent unit, with separate power supply, cooling, water supply, vacuum system and input/output (I/O). The elements are all connected in the programmable logic controller (PLC), so they will function as a whole when the machine is ready for production.

Tailor-made Mass Production

The result is a machine that can be productive in many different markets, using many different technologies and creating opportunities for companies that never thought about plasma coatings and their advantages before. Tailor-made, mass production and flexibility are all terms that directly relate to the Metalliner® and Hauzer expects that this machine can make a change in 2D and 3D plasma coating and the markets in which this surface improvement will be applied. 

The launch of the first Metalliner® took place in spring 2012 (video).

You can download the HFY, dedicated to the Metalliner®, here.

Hauzer Metalliner