Hauzer Techno Coating

Hauzer for You, special edition

The new Hauzer for You magazine features the Hauzer Metalliner and its modular design.

In this Hauzer for You special edition, you can find the following articles:

  • Conference 'Environment Protection by Plasma Coating Technology'
  • A History of Sputtering and Inline Production Equipment
  • Hauzer Metalliner: Mass Production and Endless Opportunities
  • Coatings on Plastics: a Wide Range of Solutions
  • Cromatipic®, the Proven Alternative for Plating
  • Batch Equipment: Advantages of Modularity
  • Hauzer Metalliner: Building a Modular and Flexible Machine
  • Working at Hauzer, a Multicultural Affair

Please download a PDF of the Hauzer for You magazine here.