Hauzer Techno Coating

R&D Applications

Flexible and Upgradable Coating Equipment 
Universities and R&D centres need PVD coating equipment that combines flexibility and small volumes with low operating costs. Furthermore the PVD coating machine should be upgradable with the latest PVD coating technologies. These features are often difficult to find combined in one PVD coating machine. With the Hauzer Flexicoat® 850, Hauzer has succeeded to present a PVD coating machine that offers all these features in one PVD coating system. Especially for R&D professionals an update is given of all relevant details of Hauzer Flexicoat® machines in general and the Hauzer Flexicoat® 850 especially.

Please download the interview with R&D institute Sirris for more information about their decision making process.

Hauzer Flexicoat® systems are available in many configurations. A choice of the following plasma coating technologies can be combined in one machine:

Of course all these technologies are available as upgrades on existing Hauzer Flexicoat® machines.
Customer specific requirements on deposition sources can be integrated as well.

The Hauzer Flexicoat® 850 is the most compact multi-purpose platform of the Hauzer Flexicoat® family. Its advantages are:

  • The PVD coating machine is equipped with four interchangeable chamber walls
  • Maximum flexibility for different types of applications
  • The coating zone (500 mm diameter by 500 mm height) is sufficient for industrial loads
  • The PVD coating machine has a small footprint (1.4 x 3.3 m)
  • Due to its clever design, low maintenance costs are achieved


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