Hauzer Techno Coating

Support & Spare Parts

Hauzer offers its customers an extensive support package, consisting of the following elements:


Hauzer maintenance

Maintenance contracts ensure that your equipment will keep running smoothly. Hauzer offers several possibilities tuned to your specific situation. 


Hauzer service

Hauzer offers quick solutions when there might be a problem at your production site.

 hauzer remote support

Remote support can be given via the Hauzer Support Link. Emergengies can be solved quickly without needing the physical presence of a Hauzer technician.

hauzer upgrade
Hauzer Flexicoat® equipment
and the Hauzer Metalliner® are flexible and hybrid, several technologies can be combined in one machine. In order to keep ahead of your competition, it is always possible to upgrade your machine with state-of-the-art technology.

hauzer training

Hauzer offers training on site or at a Hauzer Competence Centre (in Venlo, Shanghai or Yokohama). The subjects are limitless and will be tuned to your requirements.


Hauzer fixturing

Hauzer assists customers with the optimum design of fixtures to ensure a good uniformity of the coating


For the last two subjects, ordering spare parts and customer news, you need to login.

Customers can order their spare parts online. The shop is available 24/7.


hauzer news
The Hauzer Supports You, which is sent several times per year, makes sure that you are up-to-date on developments, upgrade possibilities and other important news.



If you have any remaining question, please contact us.