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Nitrocoat Duplex Treatment

What is Nitrocoat Duplex Treatment (Plasma Nitriding & PVD Coating)?

Plasma nitriding is a technology whereby nitrogen is diffused - using plasma in a vacuum chamber - into the surface of a workpiece. The result is a hardened steel surface (hardness limited to ~1000 HV) with a longer lifespan, better strain limit and higher fatigue strength.


Hauzer combines the two steps of treatment - plasma nitriding and PVD coating - in one machine. This combination is also known as duplex treatment. In Hauzer Flexicoat® equipment, the quantity of nitrogen atoms is reduced using low pressure, thus preventing the typical white layer to be formed.

No white layer

This white layer would result in poor adhesion of the PVD coating. Additionally a PVD coating layer is applied to give the material even more hardness. Plasma nitriding combined with PVD coating is used on e.g. punching tools and extrusion dies.

For extra information you can download our article about Nitrocoat Duplex Treatment (from Hauzer for You 2009)

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