Hauzer Techno Coating

Plasma Coating Explained

A short explanation of these vacuum coating technologies is given below:

PVD Coating
Arc Evaporation
Sputtering (including Magnetron Sputtering, UBM Sputtering, Closed Field Sputtering)
PACVD Coating
DLC Coating
Nitrocoat Duplex Treatment


Hybrid Coating

In Hauzer Flexicoat® equipment more plasma coating technologies can be combined in one vacuum coating machine, which makes it easy to produce multi-layer coatings with different plasma coating techniques.

In the Hauzer Metalliner® the technologies can be used for a mass production inline process.

For example:

  • A metallic coating, arc coating under layer as an adhesion layer, will be applied
  • Secondly a tungsten carbide PVD coating layer, will be applied with magnetron sputtering, resulting in increase of the hardness and friction reduction
  • A DLC coating as a top layer will be applied, produced with PACVD coating technology to achieve a high hardness. This layer will not flake off, because of a slowly increasing gradient in the hardness
  • Upgrading an existing Hauzer system with new PVD coating and PACVD coating technologies is always possible, due to the flexibility of the equipment design.


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