Hauzer Techno Coating

Competence Centres

In the Hauzer Competence Centres in Venlo, Yokohama, Shanghai and Iberica (opening 2017), we combine our research and development of PVD coating technology with surface engineering in close cooperation with key customers and other partners.

An overview of the possibilities:

  • PVD coating development
  • PVD coating process qualification
  • Pilot production
  • Back-up production

The Competence Centres support customers with qualification after which we transfer the PVD coating process to an industrial scale. We will provide customers with pre-production runs and support during the start up of PVD coating production. Hauzer has an open cooperation with customers and is committed to their success.

The Competence Centres are located in Venlo (The Netherlands), Shanghai (China), Yokohama (Japan) and in the first quarter of 2017 we will open a new Competence Centre in Iberica! More information will follow soon.

The practical experience from the Competence Centres together with feedback from all our customers in the field is used to continuously improve the reliability of Hauzer PVD coating systems (Hauzer Flexicoat® and Metalliner® ).