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IHI Hauzer Techno Coating

Hauzer’s strength is expertise in hard coatings produced with PVD and PACVD technology. With our innovations for improved productivity and cost-efficiency our environmetally-friendly hard coating technologies will become affordable for many new industries.

During more than 30 years of experience and knowledge, a broad range of customers have profited from Hauzer's coating solutions; whether in decorative, tribological or tool coating markets, its coating systems offer a wide range of process solutions with a possibility to combine different technologies in one process; e.g. Arc Evaporation, Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering, PACVD, Dual Magnetron Sputtering and HIPIMS.

Hauzer's focus is on technology and cooperation. Our plasma technology for hard coatings contributes hugely to the green world of the future. The coatings reduce wear, increase the lifetime of components, tools and decorative products and they reduce friction. In automotive engines this means less fuel consumption and thus less CO2 emissions, on tools it means a ten-fold longer lifetime. These functionalities can be used on a much broader scale, replacing environment-damaging technologies, and we will put in the efforts to make this possible.

Innovation is often just seen in the context of improved performance. But this perspective can be broadened to include improved productivity and cost-efficiency. With these extra innovations, the environmentally-friendly hard coating technologies will become affordable for many new industries. In the meantime we will strengthen our position by developing new technologies and creatively improving the modular batch and inline machines. Together with customers and partners in research centres and universities Hauzer will be able to improve existing solutions and seize new opportunities in e.g. energy storage and many other fields of the future.

Hauzer delivers more than just coating processes or coating equipment; we have several competence centres at our disposal, equipped with dedicated development systems for coating development, process qualification and pilot production. The locations of the Competence Centres are Venlo (The Netherlands), Shanghai (China) and Yokohama (Japan).

More than 120 employees make sure customers not only receive the right process equipment needed for their specific coating needs, they also obtain the customer support they need. Long distance analysis of performance together with a professional maintenance program create the confidence that our products deserve.

A partner in the true sense of the word, that is Hauzer for everybody who is or wants to be involved in PVD coatings and PACVD coatings

Jeroen Landsbergen
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)