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Diamond Like Carbon coating (DLC coating) is often used in the automotive market to achieve friction reduction on engine components.

At the start of this development - the introduction of the high pressure diesel fuel injection system in 1995 - Hauzer was involved in developing the coating technology and coating equipment. Hauzer has become a leading expert on DLC coating technology and its production in 24/7 operated systems ever since.


Upon market introduction, the kind of DLC coating mostly used was metal DLC coating (Me-DLC coating). Metal DLC coating is applied on the engine component by sputtering technology. A typical friction coefficient of metal DLC coating is in the range of 0.1 to 0.2. Typical applications for metal DLC coating are gears, bearings, turbo diesel injection parts and piston rings.


The next step was the development of a DLC coating (a-C:H) applied by PACVD coating technology. In this case no expensive target materials are needed. A typical friction coefficient of DLC coating applied by PACVD technology is in the range of 0.05 to 0.15. Typical applications for this DLC coating are turbo diesel injection parts, piston rings, piston pins and valve train components.


Now and in the future DLC coatings and other low friction coatings will diversify. The combination of the specific component together with the coating and the lubricant will become most important to achieve an optimum reduction in friction. To this extend Hauzer offers several solutions, such as ta-C coating, a hydrogen-free carbon coating. The ta-C coating is applied by arc technology. A typical friction coefficient of ta-C is in the range of 0.02 and 0.1. Except ta-C, Hauzer also offers Silicon-doped DLC coating (a-C:H-Si) and sputtered carbon (a-C).
Information about other applications of DLC coatings and specific features can be found under Plasma Coating Explained.

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