Hauzer Techno Coating

Turn Key Solution

Opportunity For Starters in PVD Coating for Tools
  • Robust coating equipment and peripheral equipment from one supplier

  • All equipment tuned to an optimized coating process

  • Customized solutions are possible

PVD tool coatings are used in an increasing number of applications, because the increased hardness of the tool surface ensures resistance to wear and oxidation. PVD coating technology is not only an environmentally friendly method, it increases tool productivity substantially. With good reason PVD coating has become a fast growing industry with good profitability. Therefore more and more job coaters, regrinders and tool makers invest in PVD coating equipment.

Regrinders / tool makers

For regrinders as well as tool makers it is very important to act fast and be flexible. It is a way to distinguish yourself from the competition. For job coaters overnight turnaround belongs to the possibilities. And a better control of the tool coating quality is a result from bringing PVD coatings in-house. Lots of reasons to consider starting in PVD coatings.

Easy to implement

To many people unfamiliar with the process, PVD coating technology seems complicated. However, with the right investments and a good support, it is easier than expected. Hauzer has developed a turn key coating process that makes a PVD coating centre easy to implement. A complete coating process consists of several steps: stripping (depending on the part’s history); pre-treatment; quality control; cleaning & drying; fixturing & visual inspection; PVD coating; quality control & thickness measurement and post-treatment (depending on the application). These steps are all available from one partner: IHI Hauzer Techno Coating. Recipes of proven, ready-to-use coatings are included.

If you want more information about our turn key PVD coating solution, please download the leaflet here.


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