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CARC+ Technology - Test Drive

Before people buy a new car, they want to go for a test drive.This is now also possible for the new circular arc technology CARC+. Testing is believing!

A test drive; just a little spin to test if the car is suitable for their needs. This should also be possible for a new tool coating technology. Therefore potential customers can test Hauzer’s new circular arc technology CARC+ during a real test drive. They can use a dedicated production machine in the competence centres in Venlo or Shanghai by themselves for one week, of course supported by Hauzer’s process engineers. This is a unique opportunity to see for yourself why the new CARC+ technology receives such high marks

Applications and Coatings

“We are well-known for our close cooperation with customers,” Michiel Eerden, Product Manager Tool Coatings explains, “and this offer is an extension of that open teamwork philosophy." The new circular arc technology that generates so much interest from the tool coating industry is CARC+, abbreviation of Circular Arc Plus, an industrially viable technology that shows a lot of potential for shaft tools, hobs, moulds and dies. The technology was launched last year and several job coaters and tool makers are already using it. The CARC+ technology is available in the Hauzer Flexicoat® 850, new or as an upgrade afterwards. All common coatings are available. Michiel: “We challenge all job coaters and tool makers who are active in the mentioned combination of applications and coatings to take us up on our offer, write a short motivation and try our new technology.”

Extremely High Target Utilization

One of the features of the new CARC+ technology is its fast cycle time. One batch will deposit a layer of 2 µm of AlTiN coating on the shaft of a tool (corresponding with approximately 3 µm on the cutting edge) in a cycle time of less than four hours. With the new CARC+ technology, batch costs improved 44% compared with regular circular arc technology. Due to extremely high target utilization, the target costs per batch were even reduced with 83%. Furthermore, CARC+ improves the smoothness of the coatings considerably. For an AlTiN coating of 2 µm the Ra has been measured as low as 0.16 µm. The surface has fewer and smaller defects and is overall smoother. The technology has proven to be very stable and reliable.


Hauzer gives tool makers and job coaters the opportunity to test the new CARC+ technology by themselves on a Hauzer Flexicoat® 850 machine in the competence centres in Venlo, The Netherlands or Shanghai, China. Due to limited availability of slots, please write a short motivation and send it to Michiel Eerden, meerden@hauzer.nl. The best way to get convinced is to convince yourself!

For more information about CARC+ technology, please download the leaflet.