Hauzer Techno Coating

Cutting Tools Coating

Extended Lifespan of Cutting Tools by PVD Coating

Cost Efficient Equipment

Precision tool manufacturers apply PVD coatings (Physical Vapour Deposition) to extend the lifespan of the tools many times over. The choice of cutting tool coating is depending on the kind of cutting tool and its use. You can find the best coating for your application in our Coating Guide (download).

Tool makers and job coaters choose Hauzer technology and equipment for various reasons:

  • The equipment is cost-efficient due to:
    • fast cycle times
    • highly efficient target use
    • low maintenance needs
  • The equipment is robust and stable
  • Technologies include CARC+ for nitride coatings, PACVD for production of diamond like carbon coatings such as ta-C, dual magnetron sputtering for production of oxide coatings and nitriding for nitrocoat duplex treatment
  • Several technologies can be combined in one machine and most machines are prepared for upgrading afterwards

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