Hauzer Techno Coating

Hauzer Wins Gold with TiAlN Coating

A prestigious American tool maker tested 13 coatings from different suppliers and Hauzer's TiAlN coating outperformed all others!

Since Hauzer developed its fast and reliable CARC+ technology for extremely smooth coatings, many tool makers wanted to test the coatings to judge performance.

In the beginning of 2014, a well-known American tool maker tested TiAlN coatings by machining different materials. The results were stunning! After six different tests (2x AISI4140 wet milling, 2x AISI4140 dry milling, 6Al4V and AISI304) Hauzer was the glorious number one with an average position of 2.33. The first competitor lagged behind with an average position of 4,17.

When machining AISI4140 wet and 6Al4V Hauzer was the number one. When machining AISI4140 dry Hauzer came second and when machining AISI304 Hauzer took up third position. Overall the CARC+ TiAlN coatings completely outperformed the competition.

Apart from the performance of the coatings, the CARC+ technology has an additional advantage of extremely high target utilization. Together with fast deposition rates this clearly improves the cost of ownership. The CARC+ technology can be supplied on a Hauzer Flexicoat® 850.

For more information about CARC+ technology you can download the leaflet here.