Hauzer Techno Coating

Hauzer Wins China Business Awards

Hauzer has won the China Business Awards for its achievements in China.

17 Years ago, The Cathay Pacific China Business Award was initiated by Cathay Pacific Airways and the China Council of the Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion (NCH).

The China Business Award is presented annually to a Dutch company in recognition of this company’s successes over the preceding 2 years in China and/or Hong Kong. The winning company must have distinguished itself from its competitors through innovation, creativity, profitability and corporate sustainability and must have managed not only to survive, but to thrive in the complex and constantly changing Chinese market.

"According to the jury the SME company distinguishes itself from the competition by innovative technology and it is an excellent example of successful manufacturing industry. In 2010 the company officially opened a competence centre in Shanghai and in 2013 this subsidiary has been expanded for the automotive industry."

More information about the China Business Awards can be found here.