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The Fall edition of our Hauzer for You has been published.
Visit our new Cromatipic® website now to understand the new standard of chrome on plastics.
The spring edition of our Hauzer for You magazine has been published.
The German magazine Werkstatt+Betrieb asked Hauzer to write an article about state-of-the-art tool coating technology. They published the article in t...
A prestigious American tool maker tested 13 coatings from different suppliers and Hauzer's TiAlN coating outperformed all others!
Development of CARC+ tool coating technology has resulted for Hauzer in the Chinese Ringier Technology Innovation Award for 2013.
Hauzer has won the China Business Awards for its achievements in China.
Before people buy a new car, they want to go for a test drive.This is now also possible for the new circular arc technology CARC+. Testing is believin...
And reached the top 3 of the national award.
Hauzer organised a conference "Trends in Tribological Coatings for the Automotive Industry in China" in Shanghai
You can download your own copy.
Hauzer’s Japanese mother, IHI Corporation, has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the Ionbond shares, subject to obtaining the necessary r...
我们在最新一期的Hauzer for You里,为您呈现豪泽Metalliner(连续式多功能镀膜线),一个模块化设计的高生产率在线生